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 I got baned becuase i were honest

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PostSubject: I got baned becuase i were honest   Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:42 am

First of all im sorry for my bad english.

I got banned because i were honest to insane (server admin)

He was talkin in system chat and complain about players that dont vote and so on.

So i told him that i dont vote anymore because i dont like the vote system, and i think he can make it better.
then i will vote again and i know that many others will too.

Then he told me that i`m lazy and that he will ban me for it.

well i have voted tons before but i got tired of it because it takes soooo long before you get any good item, (yeah i know that voting helps the server, but why then give away voting points that you can get items for? if its only to help the server? its because to get players to vote that you do that. and all dont have money to donate neither so they vote to get better stuff)

anyway, My question are, Do you think its right to ban a me because i have the nerve to say what i think about a bad voting system that can be better? (and come on, it is bad, or ells more players had voted more) i dident complain about the server at all, i think its great and i like it very much.

its just that voting system, and i got baned for it Sad

How do you think that players will ever tell you thinks that can be better if you keep banin them for it :s

I just wanted to tell what i believed could make things better. The facts are that if you make the voting system better more players will vote.

And Insane, I`m most sorry for being rude to you, when you told me that you will ban me, i panict and freakt out big time and i`m most sorry for the things i sad. i understand if you get me in jail for it, but ban? :d come on.. anyway i`m sorry.
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I got baned becuase i were honest
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